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4G comes a'calling

The Samsung Craft is the first handset made specifically for LTE 4G speeds, and MetroPCS--which was also ahead in rolling out an LTE market--is its first taker.

Unfortunately, at the time of review, 4G is only available in Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth. Since there's only limited 3G network nationwide, most people will fall back to the 2.5G network until their area gets MetroPCS 4G coverage.

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Brilliant display

The 3.3-inch touch-screen AMOLED display excels in crisp, bright edges and colors, thanks to its 480x800-pixel WVGA resolution and support for 262,144 colors.

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The Craft can accommodate up to 32GB expandable memory and earns kudos for shipping with a 2GB expandable memory drive. However, the plasticky buttons on the sides are a cheapening effect.

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The bottom-heavy Craft is easy to hold while in slid-out QWERTY mode. The back also features a camera module and advertises the phone's 4G capability.

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Camera shots

The 3.2 megapixel camera takes quite decent shots, especially with the help of autofocus, flash, and a vanity mirror.

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The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is spacious. Although the keys are fairly flat, we didn't have too much trouble typing.

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