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If you've ever wondered what almost £6,000 will buy you in the way of an electric drum kits, here it is: Roland's new flagship setup, the TD-20KX -- a £5,769 monster of professional percussion.

As you'll see from the stage photo above, this is a 10-piece configuration, containing snare drum, four toms, real-action hi-hat, an improved kick drum pad and three cymbals. The new TD-20X sound module (pictured far left) contains 100 drum kits, 920 different drum and percussion samples and full customisation of each instrument's sound.

But because each drum, rim and cymbal can be configured independently of each other, you can build a kit that's geared up to play, say, thrash metal, with elements of drum 'n' bass instrumentation, and maybe some Eastern percussion thrown in for good measure.

The last kit we had in-house from Roland was the TD-9KX -- a model now hovering around the £1,500 mark. So good was our experience, we ended up buying one. We have a very strong suspicion we should've waited and bought the TD-20KX instead.

It's on sale now, and we're getting one in within the next few weeks. Expect a full hands-on when we do. For now though, check out the photos over the page and don't miss our previous hands-on with the TD-9KX here. There's a video of Nate playing, too!

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From the front.
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An on-white shot for a better look at each drum.
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