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Relatively compact

The GR is wider than the Coolpix A, but smaller in the other two dimensions. It's designed almost exactly like its predecessors in the now-renamed GR Digital line.

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Top controls

It offers three custom user settings on the lockable mode dial, which is nice, and a large shutter button.

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Back controls

Ricoh offers a nice level of programmability in its cameras. In addition to the two function buttons, the camera will retain the company's tendency to add new features via firmware updates. The rocker switch on the side operates the manual focus. There's a jog dial, and a hardware switch for toggling the button function between autoexposure lock and continuous autofocus.

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In addition to the three user settings slots, you can reprogram almost every control on the camera.

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The camera supports HDMI-out, but has a proprietary combo USB/AV connector.

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The Effects button provides a depth-of-field preview during shooting, and brings up the post-processing effects options when in playback mode.

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Shooting interface

No surprises here; the GR uses a typical display readout.

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