Plastic fantastic

Canadian graphic designer Chris McVeigh loves playing with bricks. When he gets an idea to recreate a vintage appliance in Lego, he uses software to plan the build before getting his hands dirty, so to speak, with the plastic itself.

This classic silver toaster was made for the 2011 Gizmodo article "One Man's Nearly Impossible Quest to Make a Toaster From Scratch."

Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Leica M9

This piece pays tribute to Leica's M9 digital rangefinder camera, released in 2009.

"I'm rather proud of this build, especially given the short development time," McVeigh writes. "The only regret I have is that there aren't any curved slopes in nougat/medium dark flesh, as it's a much better match for the actual color of the M9."

Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Yamaha NS-10

Another of McVeigh's editorial images for Gizmodo, this build celebrates the classic Yamaha NS-10 speaker. He uses Lego's modeling app for designers, Lego Digital Designer.
Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Lego iPad

McVeigh designed and built this Lego iPad for a Gizmodo piece in 2010.

"I'm the harshest critic of my own work," he says, "but when a build comes together just right, or better yet, when it finally comes together after I've overcome a series of complications, the excitement, and the sense of satisfaction, is amazing."

Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Lego time

Built for The Esquire 10 list of must-have items, this Lego watch was made larger than life for added detail. It's about 20 inches tall and 6 inches wide.
Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Old-school hold

McVeigh took up a friend's challenge to build an old rotary-dial phone out of Lego based on newly released plastic parts. The result is just like grandma's handset.
Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Bright idea

Soon few people will recognize old fluorescent bulbs, which McVeigh has honored here with Lego.
Photo by: Chris McVeigh

Lego iMac

From a distance, McVeigh's Lego iMac looks just like the real thing. To see more of his toy photos, check out his Flickr photostream.
Photo by: Chris McVeigh


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