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Adobe's ideas for adapting Photoshop to the era of smartphones and tablets are coming into the open. This mockup shows an iPad companion application that could be used to control Photoshop on a conventional computer connected via a wireless network.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Photoshop content-aware fill on a Galaxy Tab

At its Max show, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch showed Photoshop's content-aware fill technology running live on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android-based tablet. The grouse in the lower center of the image vanished after Lynch painted over it with his finger, replaced by a patch of green grass.
Photo by: Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

iPad paint mixer for Photoshop

Palettes, before the computing industry adopted the term, meant a board where painters could mix colors. This virtual palette, shown on an iPad during a demonstration by Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, could be used to mix, select, and paint colors on using an attached computer running Photoshop.
Photo by: Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

iPad and Photoshop

In one idea, Adobe envisions a Photoshop companion application that would extend the abilities of Photoshop running on a conventional computer. "What we're working on is connecting your mobile devices to your personal computer over a network so that they can work in conjunction with each other," said CTO Kevin Lynch.
Photo by: Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Photoshop companion tutorial mode

In this mockup, an iPhone is used to select and show a step-by-step tutorial that doesn't have to clutter up the Photoshop display on the computer it's synchronized with.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Photoshop distortion tool on iPad

A gesture on an iPad can provide a multitouch control to image distortion in Photoshop. This is just a mockup of what Adobe has in mind, though.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Multitouch paintbrush on Photoshop for iPad concept

Adobe also is considering how a multitouch paintbrush could be used in Photoshop on an iPad companion application.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

More multitouch iPad painting

Another configuration option for multitouch painting with Photoshop on an iPad companion application.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Preset panels for Photoshop companion app

A smartphone companion app could show a variety of preset and customizable control panels.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Configuring Photoshop with an iPhone

In this mockup, the companion application is used to select Photoshop's brush tool.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Synchronized settings

This mockup shows the Photoshop brush tool being adjusted with the desired settings.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Adjusting opacity

Brush settings such as opacity adjusted on an iPhone synchronize with Photoshop on the computer in this mockup.
Photo by: Adobe Systems

Photoshop Mobile?

There's no product name yet, but Photoshop Mobile sounds plausible for some applications.
Photo by: Adobe Systems


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