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Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Active Style Headphones

For the fitness fanatics, the DR-BT160AS lets you cut the cord between your headphones and MP3 player, whether it's the standalone variety or the kind integrated into your cell phone. This headset is A2DP compatible for stereo-audio streaming and incorporates a mic for making and taking calls. Other features include integrated playback controls for your device, and a sweat-resistant behind-the-neck design to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The headphones are available now for $130.

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Sony MDR-NC7 noise-canceling headphones

These purportedly comfortable and stylish cans are a follow up to Sony's popular MDR-NC6 headphones. They offer integrated noise-canceling circuitry that reduces about 87-percent of ambient sound. The earcups swivel flat and the headband folds down for easy storage during transport--always important for a travel-friendly set. Sony also includes an airline adapter and a travel pouch for the task. Frequent fliers can find the MDR-NC7s in either white or black for $50.

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Sony SRS-M50 speakers

Another gadget for travel hounds is the Sony SR-M50, a set of ultracompact speakers that are available in three color options (white, black, or pink). Designed with carry-ons and hotel rooms in mind, the speakers are lightweight and clip together for easy portability. They feature a standard 3.5mm connection for use with any MP3 player. They can be powered via the included power adapter or with an optional AAA battery. The speakers are available now for $50.

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Sony MDR-EX36V EX Style Earbuds

Last but not least are Sony's understated-yet-stylized MDR-EX36V earphones. This budget-friendly pair ($30) come in four color options--silver, red, blue, and pink--and feature an inline volume control.

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