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Folded helicoptor

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Innovations in personal transportation beyond the car often seem like the stuff of science fiction. But one day we might all be parking foldable mini-helicopters like these in our garages.

German industrial designer Daniel Kocyba has created the Hummel (German for bumble bee), a light helicopter design concept for two passengers, with potential uses ranging from air taxi to emergency, police, or army transportation, he says.

Caption by / Photo by Daniel Kocyba
The back wing of the Hummel has two functions; while on the ground, it's a foot, and during flight, it provides stabilization.

According to Kocyba, the tandem rotor layout guarantees a more efficient aircraft performance than the standard helicopter tail rotor design, without wasting fuel.

Caption by / Photo by Daniel Kocyba
From flying machine to its compact, closed box, the helicopter folds in three steps.
Caption by / Photo by Daniel Kocyba
Folded, the Hummel can be easily stored without wasting space.
Caption by / Photo by Daniel Kocyba
The Hummel's small size and the fold-ability make it an ideal tool for use on expeditions and research ships, Kocyba says.
Caption by / Photo by Daniel Kocyba
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