The angry readers were correct. The new Nokia X6 does use the same type of touchscreen as the iPhone. With fingers desperate to find out if it was any good though, we snatched one to play with at IFA.

And it's weird: seeing a Nokia phone with a capacitive screen is a shock to the system -- like staring at a full solar eclipse, only without the retinal sizzling. The glass-like display entirely removes the need to dig in your fingernails to type, making this the first Nokia touchscreen phone we don't want to sadistically grind into paste and feed to our enemies.

The X6 offers Nokia fans a familiar interface and radically improved screen sensitivity, yes. But it's also got an enormous 32GB of internal memory, a proper 3.5mm headphone socket, a 5-megapixel camera, A-GPS navigation, HSDPA Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. It plays your iTunes Plus downloads as well. They're impressive specs for any phone, let alone a music phone.

That's not to say we liked it, you understand -- it still feels a bit plasticky, and we wouldn't buy one. But subjective opinion aside, our time with the X6 gave us confidence that it could be Nokia's most well-received music phone to date. Get a better look with some more pictures over the page.

It should launch by the end of the year in the UK for around £400 SIM-free, including a Comes With Music subscription.

Here's the X6 switched on, and in one of its other colours.
An accelerometer automatically rotates menus when you flip the phone on to its side.
The 5-megapixel camera is backed up with an LED flash.
Look! A real headphone socket! You'd almost think this was a music phone...
Tee hee, we typed hello. Aren't we smart? Yes, we are -- the menus were in German.
Look closely and you'll see a front-facing camera for video calling.
Here's one of the two sides the X6 has. This, we call the right. The other, the left, but it looks pretty much the same so we had a cup of tea instead of taking another photo.


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