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Multimedia maven

Like the rest of the N series, multimedia is the star, and the Nokia N79 stands out as an excellent camera phone, boasting high-quality images and advanced features.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Work and play

The Symbian smartphone also offers the full gamut of wireless options as well as a productivity suite and e-mail, so it can handle the needs of mobile professionals as well.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Attractive design

The Nokia N79 might have a simple candy-bar shape, but it's quite a good-looking phone. It features an attractive white face and chrome edges that gives the smartphone a very modern and fresh look.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Slim and trim

The handset is nice and slim at 4.3 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide by 0.5 inch deep and 3.4 ounces, so it feels comfortable and light in the hand and will easily slip into a pants pocket.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

XpressOn smart covers

The Nokia N79 ships with three interchangeable (white, red, and brown) back plates called XpressOn smart covers so you can switch up the look. Even cooler, the phone's theme will change with the cover. For example, the background color will match whatever smart cover you choose.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Non-touch display

The N79's QVGA display measures 2.4 inches diagonally and supports 16 million colors and a 320x240-pixel resolution. There's a built-in accelerometer, but it's not a touch screen so you'll have to use the controls below the display to navigate the phone.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Cramped quarters

We weren't huge fans of the navigation controls, since they're small and cramped. The alphanumeric keypad offers a slightly better user experience, though not ideal, either.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Advanced camera

Like some of the other N series devices, the Nokia N79 features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with a dual LED flash, up to 20x digital zoom, and can capture video at up to 30 frames per second. We were impressed with the camera's quality as it took sharp and colorful photos.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Memory expansion

Along the left spine, you'll find a microSD expansion slot and a micro USB port--which are both protected by an attached cover. The expansion slot can accept up to 8GB cards, while there's about 50MB of internal memory.
Photo by: Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive


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