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Nokia's E71 smart phone kicked so much ass last year we gave it 8.9 out of 10 and awarded it the greatest award on the planet: the CNET UK Editors' Choice thing. Today, it's succeeded by the E72.

Essentially it's unchanged from last year's killer model, though it is 0.1mm thicker and 2.5mm wider to accommodate two upgrades: a much-needed 3.5mm standard headphone socket, and a honking great 5-megapixel autofocus camera -- up from 3.2 megapixels last time out.

The E72's video capabilities have been curiously bottlenecked, however. The old model could shoot 640x480-pixel VGA video at 22fps, but its replacement can only handle 15fps. But you'll have 250MB of internal memory (an increase of 150MB over the E71) for storing your slightly choppier videos, and this can be expanded with microSD cards.

Safe to say if you've been happy using an E71 for the last 365 days, there's little to make us believe this is anything but a solid upgrade. When our lead phone monkey gets back from jollying it up with Qualcomm, we'll force her into a cage without food and water until she's got a review written. Don't worry, she loves starvation.

The E72 will be on sale in the autumn with UK prices and networks to be confirmed. More pics over the page -- and to get familiar with what the E72 will offer, have a peek at last year's E71 review.

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The back of the E72.

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The left-hand side.

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The right-hand side.

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