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"Surprise!" As part of Microsoft's annual employee giving campaign, some of the company's best photographers created a book of their work, with proceeds going to charity.
Photo by: Robyn Wilson

"Rachel's Wish"

"Rachel's Wish." The Microsoft workers compiled their photographs into a book that is available from
Photo by: David Culver

Useful Island, Antarctica

This image of Useful Island, Antarctica, is one of many stunning scenic shots in the book.
Photo by: Neil Enns

Magic Bus

Each copy is sold for $25 more than the cost of printing, with the profits going to the United Way.
Photo by: Erico Macedo

Good Morning

"Good Morning." Overall, last year's Microsoft giving campaign raised more than $87.7 million. This year's campaign runs October 5-30.
Photo by: David Conger

Wooden City

"Wooden City," Seattle, Wash. More than 900 photos were submitted for the book, with 157 ultimately being chosen.
Photo by: Roberto Bojorquez Alfaro

Vatican Stairs

"Vatican Stairs"
Photo by: Tareq Hijazi

Scars of old age

"Scars of old age"
Photo by: Jinny George

Nuevo San Miguel

The book includes contributions from Microsoft photographers that live, among other places, in London; Vancouver, B.C.; Washington, D.C.; Bangalore, India; Paris; Amsterdam; Boston; Munich; Hong Kong; Bucharest; and, of course, the greater Seattle area.
Photo by: Randy Choco

Burg Rheinstein

Daniel Moore, who took this shot of Burg Rheinstein, Germany, was among those on the steering committee for the book.
Photo by: Daniel Moore

Emerald Boa

"Emerald Boa"
Photo by: Peter Bui


Photo by: Allan Schweighardt

Daddy's Feet

"Daddy's Feet"
Photo by: Jesse Merriam

Just another Sunday afternoon

"Just another Sunday afternoon"
Photo by: Otavio Pereira

Soulful Bass

"Soulful Bass"
Photo by: David L. Brickley

Battlefield of Souls

"Battlefield of Souls"
Photo by: David Pitcher

Cleared For Takeoff

"Cleared For Takeoff"
Photo by: Gretchen Lohle


Photo by: Kiran Bangalore

Cedar Waxwing Close-up

"Cedar Waxwing Close-up"
Photo by: Raymond Parsons

Ghosts at Theresienstadt

"Ghosts at Theresienstadt"
Photo by: Matt Ragen


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