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Forget the lyre or flute. "Pan," at least in Adam Reeder's version of the mythological figure, dances to the iPod.

Reeder, who recently graduated with a masters in sculpture from San Francisco's Academy of Art University, is also a big tech enthusiast. He has attempted to wed classical sculpture with modern themes.

"Technology has changed the context but not the nature of humans or art," says Reeder. "Classical sculpture is typically very serious and everyday people come in and they're kind of ready to be bored. Then, they see this and say 'Dude, this is great.' That is because this is going right from me to people who like technology. Instead of art buffs, I want it to be geek to geek. This is our world."

His work is on display through August 31 at the Academy of Art University's 79 Gallery in San Francisco.

Photo by: Adam Reeder


Reeder's "Zeus" calls down the thunder with an iPhone instead of a lightning bolt. This photo was taken while the sculpture was still a work in progress.
Photo by: Adam Reeder

Atlas with iPod

"Atlas" carries the weight of an iPod on his shoulders.

Reeder charges from $40,000 to $80,000 for an original life-size sculpture. A portrait bust in bronze goes for between $4,000 and $5,000.

Photo by: Greg Sandoval/CNET

Atlas with iPod

A closeup of Reeder's "Atlas." The artist says he can complete a life-size figure in about 50 hours and does all the bronze casting himself.
Photo by: Greg Sandoval/CNET


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