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Dance Dance Revolution

Michael Jackson, who died June 25, was not only the "King of Pop," but also an avid collector of pop culture memorabilia.

In early 2009, Jackson's estate contacted Julien's Auctions with plans for an April auction of relics Jackson had collected throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

Among these treasures, housed at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, were sculptures, artwork, furniture, toys, and video games. The items were abruptly pulled from the auction block on March 5, the same day Jackson announced his 10-concert London comeback tour.

The status of these items remains unknown for now, according to a Julien's Auctions representative, who could only confirm that his site continues to maintain a good relationship with the Jackson estate. But regardless of where they end up, they offer a look into the video games Jackson played--or at least owned.

Konami's 1992 Dance Dance Revolution game (shown here), featured in Julien's online auction catalog, was just one of Jackson's arcade video games. Scroll through the gallery for more from his collection.

Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Super Mario Brothers

Also in Jackson's collection was Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers, 1985.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Dig Dug

Namco's Dig Dug, 1982.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Galaxy Force Version II

Sega's Galaxy Force Version II first-person shooter flight simulator, 1988.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Donkey Kong

Nintendo's Donkey Kong upright arcade game, 1981.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Manx Super Bike

Sega's Manx Super Bike simulated motorcycle game with twin cycles, 1995.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Ms. Pac-Man

Midway Bally's Ms. Pac-Man, 1981.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

The Simpsons

Konami's The Simpsons, 1991.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Star Wars Racer

Sega's Star Wars Racer, 2000.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions

Mortal Kombat

Midway's Mortal Kombat, 1992.
Photo by: Julien's Auctions


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