Eee PC Touch

At CeBit 2009, taking place this week in Hannover, Germany, Asus showed off its Eee PCs, including touch-screen models. Our colleagues at ZDNet Germany provided this slideshow. (Captions translated from German.)

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The Eee PC Touch can be used like the iPhone, with finger gestures, but there's no Multitouch support.

Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Windows XP on Eee PC screen

A special surface under Windows XP is optimized for finger touch operation
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Large icons

Large icons ease selection of applications.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Turning the screen

As with other tablet PCs, the screen typically can be turned.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Reflective display

Unfortunately, Asus uses a reflective display.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

10-inch display

Asus offers the Eee PC Touch with 10- and 9-inch displays.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Keyboard for 10-inch model

The keyboard of the 10-inch model offers better ergonomics than the 9-inch variation because of the larger gaps between the keys.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Activating the touch surface

The Eee PC Touch runs Windows XP Home. The touch surface is activated by depressing the silver key at the lower left of the display's frame.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Notepad gets touch input

Asus integrates touch into the Notepad application to allow fast input with a finger.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

White body

Both models come with a white body.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany

Delivery dates

Asus intends to deliver the 9-inch model in May, with the 10-incher following at a later date. Pricing has not yet been disclosed.
Photo by: ZDNet Germany


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