Photos: Apple announces new iPods, plus movies on iTunes

Today, the tech press was Steve Jobs's special guest as he announced an updated video-playing iPod; a slew of colorful new Nanos; a teeny, tiny Shuffle; and the availability of full-length movies on iTunes.

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We diligently waited for Apple to update its Web site with pictures of the new iPods. This "falling Nano" shot illustrates rather nicely how thin the new players are.
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This somber-looking black Nano is the new 8GB version. Unlike the first-gen Nano, this one is decked out in seamless, scratch-resistant aluminum.
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The shimmery, green Nano does a little turn on the catwalk. It's hard to believe Apple managed to make the second-gen Nano any thinner than its predecessor, but the new one is a shocking 0.26 inch thin.
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What an attractive family. It's hard to believe that teeny, tiny Shuffle is actually an MP3 player and not just an accessory for the other two. Papa Jobs must be proud.
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The blue Nano looks rather relaxed here in the iPod dock. However, this accessory is still sold separately. You can pick one up for $29.
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The new Nanos channel the long-lost iPod Mini with their colorful, anodized-aluminum casing. The silver version will be available in 2GB ($149) and 4GB ($199) versions; the pink, blue, and green come in 4GB ($199); and the black is the lone 8GB player ($249).
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Among other games, the updated iPod supports Texas Hold'em--you can get all the practice you need for those Vegas trips. But take note that the games don't come free. Each one will cost you $4.99.
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The updated iPods aim to kick the competition's butt with new, lowered pricing. The 30GB version will cost $249, while the 80GB will set you back $349. Original pricing for the previous generation was $299 for the 30GB version and $399 for the 60GB.
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It was only a matter of time before Steve Jobs brought the Hollywood movie studios on board. iTunes 7 will offer movies from Disney, Miramax, Touchstone, and more. New releases will cost $12.99 for customers who preorder or buy in the first week and will then go up to $14.99. Most other titles will cost $9.99.
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As you can see, the updated iPod is "game for anything." Several popular games will be available for the player. Will it replace your PSP?
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Steve Jobs goes over all of the important updates to the video-friendly iPod. All of them are welcome.
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The iTV doesn't have a name yet--it won't be available until the first quarter of 2007. It offers a wireless network bridge that will play all of your iTunes content--yep, even video--on your TV.
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The iTV is ready for everything. If only it were ready to ship.
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Steve Jobs shows off the Nano's new, competitive pricing scheme. SanDisk, you have been warned.
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Not really. That's just an effect of the slide show and our camera, but these Nanos are sure more colorful than their predecessors.
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Steve Jobs breaks it down: It's not just full-length videos, folks. The near-DVD image quality is a welcome feature.
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The top and bottom edges of the iPod Shuffle are as simple as can be. One side houses the power switch and the shuffle/loop switch, while the other has a headphone jack.
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This could, in fact, actually be the smallest player in the world. It's the same size as the Apple Radio Remote--what a trip.
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...and so is the pricing--the 1GB Shuffle will cost only $79. Apple is aiming to have less of an impact on the environment by using even less packaging for all of its players. Rock on.
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A new search feature on the updated iPod makes quick work of searching all your music and videos. It seems the iPod becomes more Mac-like with every iteration. Is an iPDA in the works?
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Don't worry--the Shuffle is not really the size of Steve Jobs's head. It is ultrateeny: 1.62 inches long, to be exact.
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Oh, it's the old Shuffle. It's a giant when placed next to its successor. Poor old Shuffle.
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The back of the Shuffle is simple but useful. It can clip onto your clothing, bag, or purse with ease. Neat.
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The new Shuffle comes with this itty-bitty dock--perhaps the cutest thing we've ever seen. The Shuffle's headphone jack doubles as a dock connector.
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The new Shuffle comes in brushed silver, and it features the same controls as its predecessor.

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