Overall photo quality from the Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP is mediocre. The biggest issue is that pictures lack sharpness regardless of ISO. Noise is a problem across all sensitivities as well. Shots taken using settings up to ISO 400 are suitable for prints below 5x7 inches or Web use. I can't recommend this camera for low-light or action photography due to the poor high-ISO results.
Photo by: Matthew Fitzgerald/CNET
This was taken at ISO 100. Notice the mottled noise on the baby's cheek as well as the general softness of the image.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
The situation doesn't improve in macro.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
Purple/blue fringing around high-contrast subjects is at typical amounts for its class.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET
Colors were passable from the Z33WP. In our lab tests, blues were off, but other colors were decent. In field tests, things looked fairly natural, though somewhat washed out.
Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET


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