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USB Type-C is taking over

OnePlus 5

The Essential phone


Samsung Galaxy S8

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Xiaomi Mi 6

Google Pixel and Pixel XL


Motorola Moto Z and Z Force

BlackBerry DTEK60

Huawei Honor 8

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Samsung Galaxy A7, A5 and A3

LG V20

Sony Xperia XZ

ZTE Axon 7

Asus Zenfone 3

Nextbit Robin

HTC U Ultra and Play

Huawei Mate 9

HTC Bolt

Motorola Moto Z Play

ZTE Blade V8 Pro

Huawei Honor 6X

ZTE ZMax Pro

Microsoft Lumia 950

Huawei P9


HTC 10

Google Nexus 5X and 6P

Xiaomi Mi 5

Meizu Pro 6

For years now, most phones have charged and transferred files through a Micro-USB port and cable. These days, however, it's not uncommon to find a new standard: USB Type-C.

This new port technology is said to be faster, more efficient and best of all -- flippable (so you can plug in your cord correctly every time). Click through to see what phones are sporting USB Type-C.

Editors' note: This post updates frequently. It was originally published July 31, 2016.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

With a Snapdragon 835 chipset, a dual-camera setup and an enduring battery, the OnePlus 5 is outstanding -- especially for the price.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

Created by the founder of Android, the Essential phone is made of titanium and has a magnetic connector in the back that works with an upcoming collection of add-on accessories. 

Caption by / Photo by Essential
$499.00 MSRP

Not only is the U11 beautiful, it also comes with a unique trick. To launch its camera, all you have to do is squeeze -- yes, squeeze -- the phone. Called Edge Sense, you can also interact with the phone with a long squeeze, which can turn on/off the flashlight, toggle Wi-Fi , start a voice recording or launch another app of your choice.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Samsung finally hopped on the Type-C bandwagon with the Galaxy S8 joining the fray. Aside from that, the phone has a 5.8-inch display, the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset and the digital assistant Bixby.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The Xperia XZ Premium is a powerhouse of a phone and features an awesome screen, a supercharged processor and a unique slow-motion video mode. 

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Moto Z2 Play has a beautiful screen and all-day battery life. There's expandable storage, lots of software tricks and even a headphone jack.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The Mi 6 doesn't stray too much from its roots and has a 5.15-inch display and curved edges. However, it does have new features too, like 12-megapixel dual-cameras, 4GB of RAM and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Caption by / Photo by Aloysius Low/CNET

The Pixel (and its larger Pixel XL counterpart) are a couple of the best Android phones you can get. It has a fantastic camera and elegant design. Its Google Assistant software feature also takes one of the most natural, human approaches to answering your voice. Oh, and it has USB Type-C, of course.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

LG's latest G6 is its best-looking flagship yet. Sporting a 5.7-inch screen, two rear cameras (including a wide angle lens) and Google Assistant baked in, the water-resistant device is top-notch.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

The Moto Z (and its US-only, Verizon-only counterpart Moto Z Force) work with magnetic Moto Mods accessories, which change up and add to the phone's functionality. Ambitious, quirky and ultimately useful, the Moto Z is the most polished and customizable modular phone yet.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The DTEK60 has a polished design, good battery life and performs well in day-to-day use. Its 21-megapixel camera takes detailed images and shoots 4K video, and messaging is a breeze.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

The Honor 8 is a slick little package that combines good photos from a dual-lens camera with a useful customizable button and a fingerprint reader. Overall, it's a likable midprice phone with some nice perks.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The edgeless display on the Mi Mix is simply amazing, and the ceramic rear gives the phone a luxurious feel. Not to mention, the base model starts with (!) 128GB of storage.

Caption by / Photo by Aloysius Low/CNET

Samsung's newest family of midrange phones pack quite the punch in both design and features. They come in an assortment of colors and sizes (from 4.7, 5.2 and 5.7 inches) but all have USB Type-C.

Caption by / Photo by Aloysius Low/CNET

Featuring a generous 5.7-inch display, Android 7.0 Nougat and the familiar two rear cameras, the V20 is LG's most premium phone of last season.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The Xperia XZ looks good, won't die when you spill your drink on it, and has a bold screen that makes mobile games look great. Be wary, however, of its less-than-stellar battery life and high price.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

As ZTE's best phone to date, the sophisticated and affordable Axon 7 has a zippy processor, expandable storage and loud speakers.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Featuring a Snapdragon 625 processor, a 5.5-inch display and a 16-megapixel camera, the midrange ZenFone 3 is a beautiful and affordable phone.

Caption by / Photo by Aloysius Low/CNET

The Robin has a fresh, minimalist design and a flawless fingerprint reader. However, its novel cloud storage concept isn't seamless enough for the masses.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The Ultra's shimmering glass body makes it one of prettiest phones in a long time (same goes for the Play). It's also got a 5.7-inch display, a screen just for notifications and HTC's signature BoomSound audio experience.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Mate 9 has more power than you'll need, a camera that's great for arty shots and a battery that won't quit on you by dinner. It's a great option for anyone looking for a big-screen phone.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Though it lacks a headphone jack (and you'll need to use your regular headphones with an adapter), the Bolt is water-resistant and has enhanced audio capabilities.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Even if you don't care about the Moto Z Play's cool modular capabilities, the phone is the most affordable handset in Motorola's Z series, and has an impressively enduring battery life.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

After hitting markets in Asia, Europe and Mexico, ZTE's Blade series of phones is making its US debut with the V8 Pro. It features a 5.5-inch display, a Snapdragon 625 processor and two cameras that can take some funky black and white shots.

Caption by / Photo by Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Honor 6X is a 5.5-inch device with two cameras on the back, a big battery meant to last two days and a price tag low enough for the cost-conscious or anyone shopping for a second, casual phone.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller

Though only available on just a couple of US networks, the ZMax Pro is a great, big-screen phone for cheap. It has a 5.7-inch display, a solid build and costs just $100 (that's about £80 or AU$130).

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The Lumia 950 is a mostly average phone. It takes good pictures and has a crystal clear screen and a removable battery. Its Cortana voice assistant and offline maps are also nice perks.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

With its dual 12-megapixel rear camera, the P9 takes great photos, particularly in black and white. But even given that and the phone's slim design, its expensive price makes it a hesitant buy.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The G5's unique modular design lets you swap in accessories and has a replaceable battery. But its not-so-compelling accessories fail to make the phone live up to its world-changing Swiss Army Knife potential.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

Though the 10's nonremovable battery doesn't last as long as its competitors, it has an elegantly chiseled design, brilliant audio quality and a highly customizable user interface.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Google's pair of flagship phones from a couple of years ago feature the purest version of the Android OS software at that time, timely updates from Google and an affordable unlocked price.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Xiaomi's impressive Mi 5 has the features to stand up against the very best (like a lightweight design, great camera and top-of-the-line hardware), but it was a shame it wasn't officially available worldwide.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Though it sports a jarring copycat iPhone design, the Meizu Pro 6's (center) 10-core processor delivers speedy non-gaming performance, and it's relatively cheap.

Caption by / Photo by Dave Cheng/CNET
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