Perfectly Clear for Android

Perfectly Clear is a photo autocorrection app. Previously only for iOS devices, it's now available for Android. It has been reengineered for better performance on Android devices allowing it to run faster than the iOS version.

The app also has a new interface for better workflow, the capability to correct multiple photos at once, preset corrections for specific problems, and some beauty enhancements for portraits.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Instant fixes

After take a picture or pick one or several photos from your library, Perfectly Clear goes to work. A slider overlaid on your picture lets you see before and after just by sliding it back and forth. If default "fix" didn't get the results you want, there are several other presets along the bottom to try.
Photo by: Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET

Manual corrections

If you need more than the presets, there's a second row of corrections you can apply. A slider on the right lets you adjust the amount and there's an on/off switch so you can see changes fast.
Photo by: Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET


For an additional in-app purchase of 99 cents, there's a collection of enhancements for portraits: skin softening, eye enhancement, eye enlargement, and teeth whitening.
Photo by: Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET


Not a lot of extra settings to worry about, but you can select what size to save at including original and location for saves.
Photo by: Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET

Share and save

Once you're done, you can select where you want to send it or just save to your device.
Photo by: Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET


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