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Toshiba Satellite U845t

A great starting point for anyone looking to get their first laptop or replace an aging one, because at $799 for a 14-inch laptop that's ultrabook-thin, with a touch screen, Intel Core i5 processor, and 128GB solid-state drive, it's about as middle-of-the-road as laptops get.


Razer Edge Pro

Think of it as an all-in-one entertainment/gaming system. What the Razer Edge brings to the table are gaming-caliber Nvidia GeForce graphics, and a variety of optional versatile gamer-targeted accessories: a snap-on GamePad Controller, a dock with HDMI-out and extra USB ports for TV connectivity, and even a future laptop/keyboard accessory.


Apple MacBook Air (13-inch)

If you're a new grad, that means either you or pretty much everyone else you know already has one of these. But just in case you're not familiar with the MacBook Air, the 13-inch version is arguably the single most universally useful laptop any company currently makes.


Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

PC gaming is going through a bit of a renaissance, and just because you've graduated, that doesn't mean there's no time to keep up with Metro: Last Light, BioShock: Infinite, and others. Having a decent gaming rig is usually a big investment, which is why this very reasonably priced 15-inch, with some real gaming muscle, sharp design, and a funky red-on-black backlit keyboard, has so many fans around here.


HP Envy X2

Imagine a Netbook with the ability to pop its top and have it become a stand-alone Windows tablet, and you have the Envy x2 in a nutshell. The benefits of it over the Surface Pro are its far more laptop-like feel its excellent battery life, and a slightly lower price. Granted, it has a lower-powered Atom processor under the hood, but for everyday applications it does the job just fine.


Microsoft Surface Pro

Sure, the battery life isn't stellar, but the amazingly portable package that the Surface Pro offers up can't be beat. Add a comfortable Type Cover keyboard, and the Surface Pro becomes a supercharged iPad-sized PC capable of no-holds-barred Windows computing on the go. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus, a feature that may be making a bit of a comeback.

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