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What's inside the box

Included in the Peq Watchdog kit is one Door & Window sensor, a Wi-Fi camera, and a networking hub. What you don't get is an all-purpose motion sensor, a way to record sound or even an alarm.

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A proprietary router

The Peq Hub is essentially a custom networking router to handle Peq-approved smart-home devices.

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Know when its open

The Peq Door & Window sensor consists of two units which know when entryways in your house open and close.

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Add a motion sensor

You can add an optional motion sensor to the Peq system for $45.

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The smart heat is on

Peq also sells a snazzy-looking smart thermostat for $130. It features slick touchscreen controls, Wi-Fi connection, and attractive LEDs.

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Peq offers lots of help

Adding devices to the Peq system is easy thanks to plenty of video tutorials and walk-through wizards.

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Create a complete Peq smart home

Keep an eye on many sensors in your home through the Peq interface. Examples of devices you can add are thermostats, cameras, motion and door/window sensors, plus lamps and small appliances.

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