Peek inside the LG LMXS30786S French door fridge (pictures)

This versatile kitchen appliance offers lots of features and plenty of storage space.

Ry Crist
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LG 30 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator (LMXS30786S)

The LMXS30786S is one of the top French door refrigerators in LG's home appliance lineup. Click through to see everything this classy cooler has to offer.

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A big, boxy icebox

The LMXS30786S is about as big as fridges get, so don't expect it to fit very well into cramped kitchens.

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Touch controls

You'll control the thing with a sleek-looking metallic touch panel on the front of the left door.

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Roomy interior

The total capacity clocks in at 30 cubic feet, which is about as spacious as fridges come before you start paying more than $4,000.

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CustomChill Drawer

3.8 of those 30 cubic feet come from the "CustomChill Drawer" that sits between fridge and freezer.

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Temperature control

The CustomChill Drawer offers extra storage space for the fridge, complete with four ingredient-specific temperature presets.

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Handy dividers

You'll also find a pair of sliding dividers that make it easy to section things off.

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Fridge space

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Spill-proof shelving

Those glass shelves have spill-proof ridges, too.

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Slide-in shelf

That top shelf slides in under itself, making room for tall items.

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Glide 'N Serve Shelf

The bottom shelf slides out, making it easier to access items you've got tucked away in the back.

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A trio of drawers

You'll find three drawers below the shelves for your fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses. They look great, with fancy, diamond-shaped patterns at the bottom -- but they don't offer humidity controls, which is a bit of an odd oversight.

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EasyReach bins

In front of the drawers sit two "EasyReach" bins at the very front of the fridge. Just slide the tempered glass back to expose neat little compartments for freshly chopped veggies, grated cheese or anything else you'll want quick access to on Taco Tuesday.

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A slimmer ice maker

The ice maker is located inside of the left door, and features a slimmed-down design, which gives you more room in the in-door shelves.

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The trade-off

The rub is that it doesn't produce quite as much ice as the average French door fridge.

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A+ in our capacity test

All of those flexible, storage-minded features add up to a ton of usable space. In our tests, we were able to fit all of our groceries and all of our stress test items inside with room to spare.

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A look at the freezer

Down below, the freezer offers 8.8 cubic feet of storage space.

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Default performance

At the default setting of 37 degrees F, the fridge performed well, although the right door ran a little warm.

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Here are the minute-by-minute results from that same test. Even with the warm temperatures in the right door, things are fairly tight region-to-region. It's not a bad result by any stretch.

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Dialing it down

We tested again, but this time, we dialed the fridge down to the 33-degree setting. Naturally, things got colder.

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A tighter graph

Things got tighter, too. That overlapping jumble of lines is a good result -- it means that the temperature didn't vary all that much from one part of the fridge to another.

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Freezer performance

As for the freezer, it did a very solid job, holding steady at the target temperature of 0 degrees F. The main body of the freezer (the blue line) even averages out to a perfect bullseye of 0.0 degrees. And don't worry about those spikes -- those are our regularly scheduled door openings, a controlled part of the test. As you can see, they never threw the freezer out of rhythm.

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The right fridge for your kitchen?

At $3,700, this fridge isn't a casual purchase, but it offers plenty of space, plenty of features, and impressive performance. Worth the splurge? Check out our full review to help decide.

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