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The controls on the side of the camcorder look rather vulnerable without the LCD to protect them from accidents. It has the full complement of manual controls you'd expect from a camcorder in its class, plus three user settings buttons and manual focus and zoom rings on the lens. It also has a convergence control for 3D calibration.
Caption by / Photo by Panasonic
All these 3D cameras look so bewildered.
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Rather than flipping out from the body, the LCD folds into the handle; it also displays glasses-free 3D. Unlike the Sony model, the Z10000 has an EVF (it's not clear whether that displays in 3D or not). You can also see the two SD card slots on the back--the camcorder doesn't have any internal memory. There's also a record button and zoom switch on the handle.
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The built-in microphone looks kind of small and sits at the front of the handle. It does offer two XLR inputs with a nice mount for an optional external microphone.
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Without actual dimensions it's hard to tell exactly how big the camcorder is, but though it doesn't seem as compact as the Sony, it looks like a reasonable size given the EVF and lens rings, which the Sony lacks.
Caption by / Photo by Panasonic
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