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Panasonic has lifted the lid on four 1080p camcorders that are compatible with the newfangled SDXC memory-card format: the HDC-HS60, HDC-TM60, HDC-TM55 and HDC-SD60.

SDXC compatibility get us all hot under the collar because the format promises to be significantly faster and offer more storage than existing cards, with 64GB models on the immediate horizon and 2TB versions potentially on the way in a few years.

Until SDXC cards hit the shops, you can use an SD or SDHC card in these shooters, which differ primarily in the amount of storage they offer. The HDC-HS60 (pictured) has a built-in 120GB hard drive, while the HDC-TM60 has 16GB of integrated memory and the HDC-TM55 has 8GB. The HDC-SD60 has no built-in storage.

All the models have a 2.1-megapixel sensor, 35.7mm wide-angle lens, 25x optical zoom, optical image stabilisation and an 'intelligent auto' mode, so even technological nincompoops can shoot Golden Globe-winning movies. The intelligent-auto mode also incorporates a face-detection system that can recognise up to six different people you're stalking and track them as they move about within the 69mm (2.7-inch), swivelling LCD display.

Panasonic hasn't announced UK availability and pricing yet, but, until it does, you can enjoy some more photos of these camcorders by hitting up the 'Continue' link below.

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The HDC-TM60 and HDC-TM55 look the same, but offer 16GB and 8GB of storage respectively.

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The HDC-SD60 is available in three different colour schemes: all black, silver and black, and red, silver and black.

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