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The HS250 is the compact, lesser-featured brother of the HS300. It's smaller because it lacks the EVF and the focus ring.

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Zoom switch

Like the HS300, the HS250 has a tiny zoom switch that's not quite as comfortable to use as the larger version on the TM300.

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The HS250 lacks an EVF, one of the things which distinguishes it from the HS300. The mode dial also feels kind of small, given the size of the camcorder.

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No Quick Menu

Oddly, Panasonic chose not to include a Quick Menu button on the HS250, folding the options into the main menu. However, it uses the same touch screen, which I found relatively nonresponsive.

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Ports and connectors

The AV, component, and mini HDMI jacks as well as the USB connector sit inside the LCD recess. Unlike its siblings, the switch to enable manual settings lives there, too, instead of on the lens barrel.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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