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Outrageously expensive things you can actually buy on Amazon

If you have thousands of dollars just sitting there, you can buy a lot more than just diamonds.

Mike Rothschild
1 of 50 Wenger via Amazon

This is *how* much?

Think Amazon is just for batteries and Whole Foods delivery? It's also for rich people. Or you -- if you have thousands of dollars lying around for the rare and luxurious. Yep, Amazon carries that stuff, too.

Take this Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife: The 7-pound, multibeast goes for nearly $5,000 and has 87 different implements, from multiple wrenches and screwdrivers to a cigar cutter.  (Note: Prices are subject to change.)

2 of 50 Devialet via Amazon

The $2,190 speaker

The design of the Devialet Classic Phantom Wireless Speaker has been likened to a UFO and can connect to any Bluetooth device to play exquisite-sounding music with no background noise or distortion.

3 of 50 For the Gourmet via Amazon

The $2,600 cheese wheel

Amazon is full of expensive gourmet foods. But there probably aren't many that are heavier than this 75 pound wheel of imported Italian cheese.

4 of 50 Mysticdrop via Amazon

This $253,530 black diamond

Here's a large variation of a rare black diamond. Despite the price, you don't even get a setting. 

5 of 50 West End Toys via Amazon

This $2,200 LEGO Star Destroyer

This is a giant, rare model of the classic Imperial battleship from the discontinued Ultimate Collector's Series. Fully built, it's more than 3 feet long and weighs 19 pounds.

6 of 50 LG via Amazon

This nearly-$10,000 4K television

Experience peak TV the way it was meant to be seen: on this 77 inch 4K Ultra HD smart LG TV. It features a paper-thin design, 4K picture, full Alexa capability and even a year of Disney Plus. 

7 of 50 Aero Furnishings via Amazon

The $9,899 table made from a 737 engine

Look at this genuine 737 engine cowling that's been re-purposed as a table, complete with battery-powered spinning blades, multicolored LED lights and Wi-Fi capability. Try not to get sucked in. 

8 of 50 NuggestByGrant Via Amazon

Some gold nuggets for more than $18,000

Behold: 10 troy ounces of actual gold mined from the Yukon by actual gold miners. What you do with it is up to you, but maybe you can make a chain for the giant black diamond you already bought.

9 of 50 Awan Store via Amazon

This $2,500 Captain America shield

How about a limited-edition full-size replica of Captain America's iconic shield? It doesn't have any special powers, but it does weigh almost 12 pounds. 

10 of 50 LavArt'o Galleries via Amazon

Leaders of the Chechen Republic painting

Described as an "unrivaled gift to influential political, business and social leaders," this $95,000 work of art depicts Chechen presidents Akhmat Kadyrov and his son Ramzan, who was recently sanctioned for human rights abuses.

11 of 50 Sellers Publishing via Amazon

An $800-ish Cat Naps calendar from 2012

Cats are adorable, right? Why this 2012 daily calendar of cats in a range of cute poses costs quite so much isn't clear. Then again... cats are adorable. 

12 of 50 Suidobashi Heavy Industry via Amazon

The $1 million actual fighting mech suit

While it's only available in Japan, this experimental mech suit, built for robot challenge fights, became the talk of the American media in 2012 when it went up for sale. This particular unit is only a starter kit, but if you add enough other stuff, soon you'll be mech fighting with the best of them.

13 of 50 Classic Lighting via Amazon

This $57,000 Maria Theresa chandelier

Yep, that sure is an "olde world gold" chandelier full of Swarovski crystals and weighing almost 400 pounds. 

14 of 50 America's Memories via Amazon

Authentic Benjamin Franklin handwritten note for $32k

Treat yoself to a real handwritten note from Ben Franklin announcing he'll be glad to attend an event some time in 1781. It's yours for $32,000.

15 of 50 The Quattro Ave Maria via Amazon

'The most expensive book' for about $3,000

This is not actually the most expensive book on Amazon. But at $2,999, you're paying a lot for a book of inspirational lines like "remember you are rich, but can always be richer.

16 of 50 AudioQuest via Amazon

A $1,300 HDMI cable

While there's a school of thought that all HDMI cables are basically the same, if you disagree, you won't do better than this 3.2-foot AudioQuest Diamond Braided HDMI Cable.

17 of 50 XinKunmarine via Amazon

A $13,000 4-person luxury stormboat

It's been said that the two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat. Here's your chance to find out!

18 of 50 Shipping Poster_City via Amazon

This $1.25M Dracula poster

One of the only surviving original posters for the 1931 horror classic, another copy sold for more than a half-million dollars at a 2017 auction. 

19 of 50 LMTreasures via Amazon

A life-size Star Wars Stormtrooper

Celebrate the final movie in the Skywalker saga with this officially licensed, $5,800 human-sized figure of the Empire's foot soldiers. 

20 of 50 Autographs For Sale via Amazon

This $10,000, game-used Mike Trout bat

You can buy a genuine game-used bat signed by the Angels superstar, complete with a crack from where Trout hit a ball. 

21 of 50 AllwoodOutlet via Amazon

A $64,650 cabin kit

Housing crisis? What housing crisis? This is a complete kit to build a two-story,1,336-square-foot house. The cabin is so sturdy that it requires a professional construction crew to build. 

22 of 50 Milano Jewelers via Amazon

A $354,375 41-carat diamond necklace

An astonishing 41 carats of diamonds make this 18-karat-gold necklace one of the most extravagant pieces of jewelry on Amazon. The seller accepts only "serious" offers. 

23 of 50 Sports Memorabilia via Amazon

1930 NY Yankees signed baseball for $62,000-plus

Featuring the signatures of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and other greats, this $62,000 ball commemorates the 1930 Yankees team that… finished third in the American League.

24 of 50 Time of World via Amazon

A $134,000 Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph watch

For the wrist that has everything, this exquisite, 14-karat, water-resistant timepiece can surely find a space.

25 of 50 OudwoodVietnam via Amazon

$36,000 agarwood chips

Ever crave some rare scented chips harvested from a remote part of Vietnam? Useful as incense for yoga, meditation or just quiet contemplation about how great it is to buy expensive scented chips. 

26 of 50 Shipping HollywoodMemorabilia via Amazon

A concert-used Eric Clapton guitar for more than $189,000

This guitar was played by the legendary Slowhand at his regular concert series at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Even though it costs more than $189,000, it's not signed and doesn't come with a strap or pick.

27 of 50 Marky's Caviar via Amazon

Some $9,000 caviar

Over 2 pounds of premium Russian Almas Osetra Sturgeon black caviar, renowned for its "exquisitely rich, aromatic, fresh and nutty flavor," can be yours.

28 of 50 Sports Memorabilia via Amazon

An $18,000 autographed Barry Bonds rookie card

Yes, this 1987 Topps No. 320 Barry Bonds card is inscribed "Say No To Drugs." This unique item has been floating around for sale since 2013, when it was, apparently, first listed at $100,000.

29 of 50 Alfonsi Old Master Paintings via Amazon

A $315,000 painting from the late 1600s

Still Life with Squash, Melon, Pears, Figs, Peaches, Grapes and Figs is an original work by the great Italian Baroque painter Giovanni Ruoppolo. The painting has been on Amazon for well over a year, so the owner might be open to negotiate! 

30 of 50 Human Touch via Amazon

A $7,500 massage chair

The Human Touch Novo Full Body Coverage Zero-Gravity L-Track massage chair will give your body the zero-gravity deluxe relaxation experience it deserves, massaging your back and spine with 30 wellness programs. 

31 of 50 FREE Shipping Poster_City via Amazon

These $250,000 movie lobby cards

They're not just for any movie, of course. This is a mint condition complete set of 11x14-inch lobby cards for the 1932 horror classic Island of Lost Souls. 

32 of 50 SureFire via Amazon

38,400 lithium batteries for $60k

If a plague or zombie nightmare hits, then you're going to need power. What provides power when there's no electricity? Batteries. So you might as well buy 38,400 of them for $59,999. 

33 of 50 Apmex Inc. via Amazon

This $276,763.30 coin

The 1796 $2.50 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle is one of the most coveted coins in the entire genre of coveted coins and is almost as old as America itself. Just don't drop it in a vending machine. 

34 of 50 Sports Collectables Online via Amazon

This football signed by the 1963 Packers for $15,315

Signed by the entire team and coach Vince Lombardi, this $15,315 leather ball comes in a glass case to stop neighborhood kids from throwing it around. 

35 of 50 Amir Rugs via Amazon

A $44,000 Persian Tabriz rug

Yep, that is a large, pricey authentic wool and silk-knotted rug. 

36 of 50 TEMCo via Amazon

100 20-foot battery cables

This is for that time when you need a lot of battery cables, and you need them to be red. All told, it's a steal at $17,690.

37 of 50 Between the Covers Rare Books via Amazon

A $5,500 Jean Harlow scrapbook

While the Amazon listing is light on details, a different site's listing for this item describes it as a collection of signed photos, news clippings and letters written by the legendary actress. 

38 of 50 Milano Jewelers via Amazon

A $14,732.24 diamond cuff bracelet

There's plenty of expensive jewelry on Amazon, but nothing that looks quite like this combination of 2.3 carats of diamonds, along with agate, lapis and other precious stones.

39 of 50 Wise Food Storage via Amazon

36 buckets of freeze-dried survival food for $7,000

Here it is: Three dozen buckets of freeze-dried survival chow for when the apocalypse hits, featuring a range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Each meal has a 25-year shelf life, and is individually wrapped. It's nearly $7,000, but that's a small price to pay to eat for a quarter century.

40 of 50 Sigma via Amazon

A $26,000 camera lens

You know you want this extraordinary ultra-zoom telephoto camera lens than shoots everything from night skies to sporting events. It's probably not super useful for selfies, though.

41 of 50 Houston Diamond District via Amazon

Some $47,420 diamond earrings

These 2-carat, platinum, princess-cut diamond stud earrings are everyday elegance for the price of a large car. 

42 of 50 Brightlink via Amazon

A $10,400 video wall

A truly cutting-edge 4 screen, this 4K LCD video can be used to track the stock market, keep tabs on your neighbors or just watch four football games at once. 

43 of 50 Pelco.com

An $11,500 video surveillance system

Pretend to be in the CIA with this sophisticated system for spying on your friends, neighbors and enemies. Features video playback, license plate recognition and expanded data retention.

44 of 50 Decorative Crafts via Amazon

A $34,900 dining room table

Pick up a luxury table made in Italy, featuring a "mahogany veneer in a sunburst design and crossbanded inlay of satinwood." Just don't spill on it.

45 of 50 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers via Amazon

This super cool synthesizer

Perfect for both recording and live performances, the $5,500 Lifeforms Foundation can be patched into a keyboard to create a range of sounds and voices. 

46 of 50 Treasured Rock via Amazon

$30,000 in rare Beatles stuff

Amazon has a treasure trove of signed Beatles swag, including a signed card, tickets to a 1966 show in Germany, and mini-guitars.

47 of 50 Psychedelic Art Exchange via Amazon

A vintage Grateful Dead poster

Meet this $27,500, one-of-a-kind, mint-condition poster for the Dead's gig June 1966 in San Francisco. This poster claims to mark the first time the band used their trademark skull iconography.

48 of 50 HistoryForSale via Amazon

An original letter by Voltaire for $41,400

Yes, the same Voltaire who wrote Candide and hundreds of other works. This was written by the legendary French author weeks before his death, asking for the courtesy of being buried in a church. It's $41,400, and absolutely unique.

49 of 50 NHR Oils via Amazon

26 gallons of essential oils for $53,375

Behold, 100 liters of organic Neroli essential oil blend, useful for "soothing the nervous system" and "helping to relieve feelings of anxiety and nervousness." Presumably, it also smells good.

50 of 50 Sports Memorabilia via Amazon

This $456,913 baseball card

This Piedmont Christy Mathewson card is from the T206 baseball card set -- considered the most rare and valuable of all time. Despite the price, it's not autographed.

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