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Running free in Grado, Italy

Our Crave reader Instagram series continues today with a gallery of our favorite portraits. Capturing memories (both candid and posed) of friends and family is always wonderful and can stir up a lot of emotion. The photos that follow did just that for us, and hearing the stories behind the pics made them even more special. Enjoy!

This first image comes from Carlo O. of Glenridge, N.J. (Instagram user cjorrico), who took this photo of his fiancee Lisa while in Grado, Italy.

"We were walking along a promenade near the sea in Grado (in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, near the border with Slovenia) when Lisa noticed the concrete pier going out into the Adriatic," he said. "Normally very shy, quiet, reserved, and structured, Lisa suddenly felt compelled to just run: seemingly inspired by the freedom of the vast openness in front of her (who needs safety railings?!). I snapped this picture without her knowing. I knew it was something I'd probably never see her do again!"

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Ice cream at the Indianapolis Zoo

Christian M. sent in this photo of his adorable daughters, Libby James (front) and Sophia Mae (back). It was taken at the Indianapolis Zoo this summer using the Earlybird filter.

"They are enjoying the ice cream frogs and making a mess! By the way, those frogs stain everything! They had green mouths for hours afterwards," Christian said.

And why the sour face on Sophia? Turns out the flavor of those ice cream frogs is sour apple.

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Man's best friends

Ward T. of Minnesota (Instagram user wtongen) took this picture on October 22 in a pedestrian tunnel under Marie Ave West, adjacent to Valley Park in Mendota Heights, Minn., and used the Kelvin filter. The subjects in the photo are his friend Chue, and Ward's two dogs--Taan, an 11-year-old female border terrier, and Butters, a 3-year-old toy Yorkshire terrier.

"These two are very good friends and Butters is pretty good at keeping the older Taan in shape, as she teaches him to hunt rabbits and squirrels in their large fenced backyard," he said.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user wtongen
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A day on the slopes

Andres F. (Instagram user andredres) shot this photo of his friend Tracy and his new goggles during a trip to Schweitzer Ski Resort in northern Idaho. "We were just getting to the top of the ridge and I snapped the photo, unknowingly getting everyone on the chairlift in the picture," Andres said.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user andredres
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Red-tail boa

We got a number of portraits of cats, dogs, and other furry friends, and they melted our hearts. However, when Jonathan H. from Los Angeles sent in this photo of his red-tail boa having a drink of water, it made us jump back. Absolutely stunning, but we're definitely glad we're not that up close to the snake in real life.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jonathan H.
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