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Macy's Day parade

When Apple named Instagram its iPhone App of the Year, we got curious to see what Crave readers have been up to with the photo-sharing app. The third installment in our series highlighting readers' Instagram creations takes in some city sights.

Paul H. of from Silver Spring, Md. (Instagram user paulhyland), snapped this shot at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York a few weeks ago. He watched the New York Fire Department float go by from the eighth floor of a building at 44th and Broadway. "I was looking for shots/filters that made the colors pop and contrast, especially since some shots seemed a little far away," he said.

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Central Park in fall

A few days after Thanksgiving, Pam T. of Oakland, Calif. (Instagam user pamchop), snapped this stunning shot with her iPhone 4 while walking through Central Park. "I think it really exemplifies how pretty New York is in the fall," she said.

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Entrance to library

A view looking up at a wall near the entrance of the new Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver, Wash., as seen through the lens of Isaiah D. (Instagram user isaiah26). The words are metal letters affixed to a wall, parallel to the floor, that make for quite a dramatic effect.

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Pittsburgh cityscape

Andrew M. of Pittsburgh (Instagram user mcnelis9) took this picture from the North Shore Trail, which offers one of his favorite views of the city. "I love the Pittsburgh skyline, which has a nice mix of traditional and modern architecture," he said. Andrew played with the shot using the Hudson Instagram filter and the Nostalgia filter in Camera Plus, and we like the way it evokes a Steel City of bygone days.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user mcnelis9
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Santa at The Grove

Los Angeles Ramin Z. (Instagram user RamZar1) spotted this in-transit Santa at The Grove entertainment center in L.A. a couple of weeks ago, and we think it's an amusing little snapshot of Americana at holiday time. "No filters at all. Just the irony of it!" he said. "Almost surreal, but that's L.A. for you."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user RamZar1
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