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Christmas in Wales

Last week, Apple named Instagram its iPhone App of the Year. Since it is a photo-sharing service, we asked our Crave readers to send in some of their favorite Instagram shots to share, and the response was overwhelming.

Each day this week, we'll be publishing a gallery spotlighting five of our favorite Instagram photos. This is the second set in the series, and it features a water theme. Enjoy!

Luke D. of Wales (Instagram user mrluke) sent in this holiday-card-worthy photo of Wellfield Road in Cardiff, Wales. "I felt the different modes of transport and the low light captured that last-minute rush to get Christmas presents bought!" Luke said. It makes us want to run into the nearest pub and cozy up with a good book and pint.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user mrluke
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Snowy day in Winnipeg

Adrian S. of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (Instagram user adrianjkshum) captured this photo on what he calls a mild Sunday morning (looks pretty cold to us). "It was snowing big fluffy snowflakes. The snowflakes were piling up neatly on my car's windshield and I had to capture the beauty of it all before brushing it away and going about my day," he said.

Adrian was able to get a close-up of the snowflakes using the Olloclip macro lens and enhanced the photo using Snapseed.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user adrianjkshum
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Bubble bath

Stephen K. (Instagram user skphoto) of Ann Arbor, Mich., loves taking pictures of his 5-year-old daughter Violet. "She is quite photogenic and when I catch her in a candid moment, she is something else," Stephen said. We couldn't agree more. This photo was taken using the Walden filter.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user skphoto
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Sailing in Aruba

While sailing along the Aruba coast on a "picture-perfect day," Marc S. of Bethesda, Md., captured this lovely shot of the catamaran's sails. The photo is enhanced with the lomo-fi filter.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Marc S.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Greg S. of Ohio (Instagram user dzeek) used to travel to San Francisco frequently for work, but it had been a few years since his last visit. So on a recent vacation he decided to again check out some of the local landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge.

"Sort of funny that the last time I was out there, 2002, I was shooting film, so it was fun getting pictures in the Digital Age," he said. This photo was taken on November 12 with no filter.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user dzeek
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