Han Solo blaster

If you have $200,000 -- or more -- burning a hole in your Christmas gift budget, you could delight that huge "Star Wars" fan in your life by buying him or her this original Han Solo blaster. Used in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," this blaster was made using a mold from Han's blaster in the first "Star Wars" film.
Photo by: Profiles in History

Darth Vader lassoed it out of Han's hand

This blaster was used in famous scenes such as the one in "Empire" when Darth Vader used the Force to lasso the weapon out of Han's hands.
Photo by: Profiles in History

The best one remaining?

This blaster is in the same condition it was in during filming, and may be the best remaining Han Solo blaster in the world. The auction site suggests that the original "Star Wars" blaster may no longer exist.
Photo by: Profiles in History

Han and the blaster

An image of Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, brandishing the blaster.
Photo by: Profiles in History


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