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Starting December 13, "Star Wars" fans in Seattle will get a special treat: "Who Shot First," a gallery show of art pieces featuring characters and settings from the hit movie franchise. Taking place at the Ltd Art Gallery, the show will feature the work of more than 40 artists.

This is Greg Peltz's "Copilot."

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Who Shot First

The official poster for the "Who Shot First" show, an exhibition of "Star Wars" art at the Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle that opens December 13.
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That's no Moon

This is "That's no Moon," by Jason Christman, which will be part of the "Who Shot First" exhibit at the Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Jason Christman
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A faux advertisement for an R2D2 droid, by Steve Thomas.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Steve Thomas
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Royal Guard

This is "Royal Guard," by Christian Waggoner.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Christian Waggoner
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Nerf Herder

Han Solo is the focus of "Nerf Herder," by Mark McHaley.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Mark McHaley
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Vader got Served

In this image, Darth Vader gets shown how you really dance. "Vader got Served" is by Aaron Jasinksi.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Aaron Jasinksi
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Fly Casual

This is "Fly Casual," by Jason Christman.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Jason Christman
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Revenge of the Sand People

This is "Revenge of the Sand People," by Mark Daniels.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Mark Daniels
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Boba Fett

This stylized "Boba Fett" is by artist Rich Pellegrino.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Rich Pellegrino
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Admiral Akbar

"Admiral Akbar" is by Steven Daily.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Ltd Art Gallery/Steven Daily
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