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Olympus Tough TG-1

Fisheye converter lens

Telephoto converter lens



The TG-1 has something no other rugged model currently has: a bright f2.0 maximum aperture. While it probably won't give you a shallow depth of field like you'd get with an f2.0 lens on a digital SLR or mirrorless compact system camera, it will let in more light, which will come in very handy underwater and in other low-light situations. The ring around the lens easily unscrews, allowing you to attach the converter ring.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
This is what the TG-1 looks like with its conversion ring attached around the lens.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
This is with the fisheye lens attached.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
The telephoto lens increases the telephoto lens from 4x to 6.4x, or 160mm (35mm equivalent). Both it and the fisheye are waterproof to 40 feet.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
The TG-1's controls look just like those on the company's other Tough cameras. Likewise, it has tap controls where you can tap the sides of the body to perform different functions -- handy when you have gloves on.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
With the GPS and electronic compass functions, location and landmark information are displayed and recorded with photos. The camera is also equipped with a logging function so you can track the route taken from recorded images by using applications such as Google Earth and Picasa. A new rechargeable battery improves battery life from previous Olympus Tough models with GPS. Plus, the built-in manometer records elevation and water depth and displays a warning when the user approaches a depth of 40 feet.
Caption by / Photo by Olympus
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