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Relatively compact

Though not as small as its less-expensive siblings, the E-620 has a relatively lightweight, compact design.

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Programmable function button

You can program the Fn button to pull up face detect mode, live preview, set manual white balance, return AF point to its default position, enable manual focus, raw+JPEG override and Olympus' MyMode custom settings. To program it, though, you have to enable it in the menus via the Menu Display option.

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Drive modes

A drive mode button to the left of the viewfinder offers up single shot, high (4fps) and low (1-3fps) speed burst, 2 or 12 second self-timers and remote/delayed remote operation.

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Lighten up

In a nice touch, the labels on the these buttons illuminate.

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The mode dial sits to the left of the viewfinder, containing the usual array of modes: Program, aperture/shutter-priority, and manual (PASM); the most frequently used scene program modes; full auto; and Art/Scene, in which you can select from the handful of Olympus' Art Filters or an additional set of scene program modes.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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