This Linux-based programming tool uses a graphical interface to make entering logic easier. Or at least that's what I was told.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Cover it

The OLPC logo adorns the very malleable tablet cover.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

We shall use the sun...

The solar panel can double as a cover. Just let the panel sit in the sun for a while, then use it to cover the tablet, while it charges your battery.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Crank it up

You can also go old school and crank that mess up! And by "mess" I mean the tablet's battery.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

A good one-arm workout

PSA: Don't be a Quasimodo. Almost make sure to switch arms periodically when cranking.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Of ports and power

From left to right: Mini-USB, mic, audio, power button, USB, and the charging port.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET


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