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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The indie darling supernatural mystery is making a move to the Oculus Rift.

Published:Caption:Photo:The Astronauts

Dead Secret

Another murder mystery, this one will include elements of horror -- and it's a VR exclusive.

Published:Caption:Photo:Robot Invader

No, I Expect You to Die

Puzzle your way out of lethal situations in this game, where you play a telekinetic secret agent.

Published:Caption:Photo:Schell Games

Job Simulator

The year is 2050 and robots have now replaced all humans in the workplace. Job Simulator teaches humanity what it was like to have jobs.

Published:Caption:Photo:Owlchemy Labs

Job Simulator

Blue collar, white collar: There's a few different jobs to try your disembodied hand at, and none of that detracts from the fact that this game sounds like a living hell.

Published:Caption:Photo:Owlchemy Labs

Lucky's Tale

Exclusive to Oculus, Lucky's Tale is a bright, fun-looking action platformer.


The Climb

Crytek says this is the world's first VR rock climbing simulator. Who are we to argue?



Use a grappling hook to explore stylised environments.

Published:Caption:Photo:Psytec Games

Eve: Valkyrie

Jump into the cockpit of a heavily armed, high-tech fighter craft and explore the Eve universe via a lot of dogfights.

Published:Caption:Photo:CCP Studios

Eve: Valkyrie

A lot of dogfights.

Published:Caption:Photo:CCP Studios

Eve: Gunjack

More VR goodness in the Eve universe. This one is an arcade-style shooter.

Published:Caption:Photo:CCP Games

Airmech: Command

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for the Oculus, Airmech lets you command troops from above or fight right beside them.

Published:Caption:Photo:Carbon Games

Rock Band VR

Everyone's favourite rock band simulator goes VR -- although this is one of the few games not slated for the March 28 launch date, so stay tuned.



Think of Adr1ft as the film "Gravity" but interactive and even more terrifying.

Published:Caption:Photo:Three One Zero

Edge of Nowhere

Track a missing expedition team to the ends of the Antarctic Mountains, but be prepared for things to get a little...strange.

Published:Caption:Photo:Insomniac Games

Eagle Flight

Humanity disappeared 50 years ago and you're an eagle exploring the ruins of Paris. It's the postapocalyptic raptor simulator you never knew you wanted. We assumed Ubisoft already had the Paris rendering left over from Assassin's Creed: Unity.


Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games

A VR game set in the world of "Adventure Time". Finn and Jake find themselves once again pitted against Magic Man, and this time there's more at stake than a sandwich.

Published:Caption:Photo:Turbo Button

Fantastic Contraption

Build enormous Rube Goldberg machines (that's Heath Robinson to you Brits) using your own two hands.

Published:Caption:Photo:Northway Games and Radial Games

Damaged Core

A first person shooter that has you pitted against an artificial intelligence hell-bent on destroying human. It's probably AlphaGo 2.0.

Published:Caption:Photo:High Voltage
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