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Oakley's Airwave brings heads-up display goggles

As a winter sports enthusiast, skier and, sometimes snowboarder, I'm pretty excited about the new Oakley Airwave goggles with heads-up display -- bringing a new layer of geeky enjoyment to my Tahoe winters.

On-mountain information such as speed, altitude, and friends' locations are accessed via wrist control with easy-to-navigate-with-gloves-on fat button controls, and information is displayed right in front of the eye, perceived by the wearer to be the size of a 14-inch screen that is five feet away.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Access music via Bluetooth

Airwave is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems. Bluetooth connectivity allows the goggles to interface with the wearer’s smartphone music.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

GPS integration

GPS integration can accurately measure how fast you are moving down the slope.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Rider's view

A rider's view of the speed and altitude data being displayed in Oakley's new Airwave goggles.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Glove-friendly wireless remote

Data is accessed via a glove-friendly wireless remote that can be strapped to the user's body or goggles depending on preference.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Measure your vertical

Measure your vertical feet by run, by day, and over the course of the entire season.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Enlarged view of in-goggle display

An enlarged view of the in-goggle display showing max speed and altitude data.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Locate and track your friends

Locate and track your friends who also have the Oakley Airwave goggles or app on their smartphones.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Jump analytics

With Jump Analytics you can measure and track the distance, height, and airtime of your jumps.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Mountain data

An enlarged view of the in-goggles data display showing max speed, airtime, and vertical distance.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Pinpoint locations using GPS

Pinpoint locations on a resort map using GPS to find the run you're looking for.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET


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