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What happens when high-tech meets high fashion? Bags That Talk give old recycled phones a mobile make-over, combining them with Alexander McQueen and Mulberry designer gear. How's that for wearable tech?

Designer Sean Miles created the 'Bags That Talk' by taking phones sent back to O2 for recycling and sticking them in a range of designer handbags.

For the ladies, there's a vintage Celine box handbag, a Chloe shoulder bag and an Alexander McQueen clutch bag. And for the discerning gent about town, a Mulberry messenger bag is sure to draw admiring glances on the street. Fabulous, sweetie.

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that the phone sewn into the Mulberry bag is showing off Nokia's ill-fated MeeGo software. Nokia's own brand smart phone software was only ever released on the Nokia N9, the cool but ultimately doomed dry run for Windows Phone.

On the subject of handbags and mobile phones, Samsung recently revealed that the look of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch is meant to evoke "the luxurious leather texture of a handbag." Samsung has also teamed up with top fashion names for a range of frankly ludicrous bags to support the Gear.

And on the subject of fashion, Apple is partnering up with Burberry for the British label's show on Monday at London Fashion Week. 

Previous O2 Recycle projects have seen designers stick recycled phones in shoes -- including Nike Air trainers, Hunter Wellies and Louboutin heels -- and gloves -- Mui Mui and Pineider gloves with a speaker in the thumb and microphone in the little finger.

Would you bag yourself a designer handbag with a phone in it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or strut your stuff on our Facebook page.

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Here's a lady not looking where she's going

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A HAAAANDBAG?! The Alexander McQueen clutch bag

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Why are they phoning? They're right next to each other. Behind you, love. BEHIND YOU -- Oh never mind

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The full range

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