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A slew of people marched from Washington, DC's Union Station to the Capitol Building on Saturday, October 26, to express their concern with the National Security Agency's mass surveillance programs. This photo shows a banner that refers to what some have called "the chilling effect" of the NSA's mass spying programs -- on journalists, whistle-blowers, and others.

For the detailed article associated with this slideshow, including Edward Snowden's statement read during the Stop Watching Us rally, go here.

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"Protection" meaning, perhaps, encryption?

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A reference to the Predator Drone program, which has reportedly involved NSA intelligence.

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Chilling effect becomes harshing effect.

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Obama as Big Brother.

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Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan speaks at the event. Amash is a vocal critic of the NSA's evasiveness before Congress.

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Boxes of petitions delivered to the Capitol during the event.

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This clever play on Obama's campaign slogan has been popular at NSA protests around the world.

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Sunlight through a banner makes an impromptu statement about a need for transparency regarding the NSA's highly secretive activities.

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Is that text she's sending being "collected"?

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DC protestors stand with Snowden to fight surveillance

(Hu)manning the barricades.

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