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The retail version of the Nokia N97 is in the CNET UK hizzouse, motherfuhrers. As you know quite well, we've had one in before. But this time, it looks exactly like it'll look when you buy it.

Over the next few pages are photos taken today of us unboxing the phone, while our girl Flora 'MoFlo' Graham types the last few words of her expert review. But you should be sure to check out her extensive preview for the fullest of modern lowdowns on what it is and what it does.

Also, be sure to read up on Nate's Nokia Ovi store feature, which answers quite a few questions about how you will -- and won't -- be able to extend the N97's features.

And of course, most importantly, Flora's hands-on video can be watched below. That'll do for now, right? We'll have our full review faster than you can say resistivetouchscreensarerubbish.

It'll launch on 19 June. Full details here.

Update: The full Nokia N97 review is now live.

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The N97's screen performing in the sunlight.
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The gubbins in the box.
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The 5-megapixel camera, lens cap 'n' all.
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The N97, from this angle.
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And now from this angle. Man, heaven must be missing a number of angles today.
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The backside.
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