The Nokia Lumia 710 is one of the pair of new Nokia blowers running the Windows Phone operating system. We battled the crowds at Nokia World to bring you some hand-on pictures and the full force of our first impressions.

The Lumia 710 is the younger brother of the Lumia 800 we've been eyeing up, but is aiming more for the cheaper end of the market, so you can hopefully get a taste of Windows Phone without paying the Earth.

A 3.7-inch screen takes up much of the front of the phone. It's not an AMOLED screen as you'll find on the 800, so you won't get the same rich viewing experience, but it seemed pretty bright and clear in our hands on. There are physical buttons underneath it too for navigating around and taking you back to the home screen when you're stuck in an app.

There's a single-core 1.4GHz processor tucked away inside it, which made operation smooth and perfectly pleasant. We'd expect it to be able to handle high-res movies, fairly power-hungry games and open apps without an annoying delay.

The Windows Phone operating system offers an attractive and intuitive interface full of bright, colourful tiles that show live information such as the weather or news. You can also group your friends into a tile that will update with live statuses and posts on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

It doesn't have the same well-stocked app stores of iOS or Android -- in fact, it's positively barren in comparison -- but as more phones use the OS and it becomes more popular, developers will have a much bigger incentive to spent their time making apps for Windows Phone devices. Right now though, there's a pretty meagre selection.

On the back of the 710 you'll find a 5-megapixel camera. It's not pushing the 8-megapixel sensor found on the 800 -- nor does it have the Carl Zeiss optics or f/2.2 aperture -- but that's pretty much to be expected on a lower-end phone.

It's not a bad piece of kit, and we're looking forward to seeing what Nokia is willing to deliver in a cheaper package when we get one in for a full review. In the meantime, check out our gallery of pictures.

The usual settings options are here.
It's not particularly slim, but you can probably squeeze it into your pockets.
Here is its other side. Exciting, right?
This is what the email inbox looks like.
We're very happy that Charlotte found her phone.
You can also get turn by turn navigation on the 710.
Just pop in your destination and head out into the wilds!
We always go to Buckingham Palace. Queeny makes us buns.
Navigation works better in landscape mode. Pop it up on your car's dashboard.
There are numerous ways to be social with a phone. Here's one of them.
Windows Phone is based around this grid of squares.
That's not a small banana, it's the 710 in a yellow shell.
Again; not a banana.
There's a micro-USB port on the bottom, just next to the headphone port.
And here's a nice lady demonstrating how cool you can look with some Monster headphones that are also available.
What an excellent head turn. She's done that before, we'd wager.


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