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Nintendo TVii announced

Today as part of its Wii U announcement, Nintendo said it would include a new, free service on the console in the U.S. and Canada: Nintendo TVii.

The company said there are three parts to the service: a personalized guide for content, the ability to start the program from the GamePad (it's like a remote) and the ability to engage with friends over live TV.

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TVii is a second screen

Nintendo says TVii is a second-screen experience that uses the GamePad's screen to control and supplement the main TV screen.

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Nintendo TVii home screen

The home page has large icons for favorites, TV, movies, sports, and search.

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Profiles and personalized listings

TVii can be personalized for each member of the household, and can display favorite shows for each.

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Movie thumbnails

You can use the service to browse Netflix and Hulu streaming content.

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TV browsing interface

You can also browse TV programming.

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In-depth movie info

Links to IMDB and Wikipedia provide in-depth information.

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Unanswered questions

There's a lot we don't know about TVii, and most of those questions will have to wait until we review the system. If you want to know more in the meantime, check out Nintendo TVii tries to succeed where Google TV has failed.

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