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Still digital

Though it looks almost completely analog from the front, it still has a couple of programmable buttons.


Right side

The two buttons to the right of the lens mount are an AF/MF switch and a bracketing button.


Non-AI lens support

In the Df, the lever on the top right of the lens mount (facing you) collapses, which allows you to attach pre-1977 lenses without jumping through hoops.


Dial frenzy

On the left side are ISO and exposure compensation dials, while on the right you've got shutter speed (including the ability to control speed in 1/3 steps via other controls) with a drive mode switch and a PSAM switch. All the dials lock independently, which is nice. There's also a tiny status LCD.


Digital in back

The back has the usual Nikon layout, including round viewfinder and manual metering switch.


Bottom card slot

The placement of the SD slot in the battery compartment is a bit disappointing, but Nikon claims there's plenty of clearance to open the compartment while mounted on a tripod.

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