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Similar design to D7000


Bigger grip


Back grip

Back layout

While there are a few control layout changes -- some of which I like, others of which I don't -- overall the D7100 has the same look and feel as the D7000. However, the new model is of sturdier construction; it's composed of magnesium alloy and weather-sealed much like the D300s.
Caption by / Photo by Nikon
There are four major changes here. Yay for the lock button on the mode dial, though I don't like it in the center. And there's now a built-in stereo microphone. Plus, Nikon's replaced the annoying dangly strap mounts with fixed rotating ones. But the movie record button is one of those too-small, poorly placed controls that's unfortunately become quite popular.
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The grip on the D7100 is noticeably deeper -- even though the body itself is the same depth -- and feels a little more comfortable.
Caption by / Photo by Nikon
Here you can see the more curved shape of the grip, which adds to its increased comfort. The camera retains the dual SD card slots.
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That rubberized portion down the right side is also new, an expansion of the thumb grip from the D7000.
Caption by / Photo by Nikon
The real changes are on the back. The lock button is now integrated with the navigation control -- which I like -- but the record button has been moved to the top, where I don't like it. I liked the Live View toggle switch on the D7000, but the D7100 uses a more typical control. The i button on the bottom left is new and adds quick-menu functionality.
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