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Diverging from its traditional single-color bodies for the Nikon 1 series, the J5 comes in a retro black and silver as well as silver and white. You can still get basic black.

Caption by / Photo by Nikon

If your LCD doesn't flip up for selfies and groupies, you're so last year. Nikon jumps on the bandwagon.

Caption by / Photo by Nikon

Some cameras lose the ability to tilt up or down when they change the hinge to flip up for selfies. Nikon's still allows for shooting from the hip or overhead.

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The J5 has one of the most traditional back panels of the Nikon 1 line, with a full set of buttons.

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A shallow but real grip, also a first for the Nikon 1 J and S series.

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In an interesting design choice, Nikon circumscribes the record button with an adjustment dial.

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