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Vizio E320i-A0

Sony KDL-32R400A

Panasonic TC-PS60 series

Sharp LC-LE650U series

Panasonic TC-PST60 series

Sony KDL-W802A series


BenQ W1070

This 32-inch Vizio is smart and good with money, setting an example for your school-bound kid.
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With a great price, decent picture, and good sound, the Sony R400 is perfect for a dorm room.
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Affordable, practical, a great picture, and all the smarts a TV needs, the PS60 might be the perfect back-to-school television (if such a thing exists).
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Its screen is huge, just like your love for your student.
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Sure it's probably a bit much for a back-to-school list, but doesn't he or she deserve the very best?
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It's expensive, great for gaming, and can support enough 3D viewers for a great party. OK, maybe this Sony is more on the "reward" side of the back-to-school gift spectrum.
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If you want a really big screen for your student, they don't come much cheaper than this.
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A video game or TV show blown up to truly gigantic proportions is sure please him or her. The relatively affordable price will please you.
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