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Big screen TVs at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- CES is often the launching pad where top-name television companies make their biggest announcements for their latest product lines. CES 2014 is no different, with all of the big names have press events that show off their latest wares, including Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, and many others.
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LG's LCD lineup

LG's core LCD lineup will have eight new LED LCDs and 25 new models overall, with more than half of them using WebOS, the interface it bought from Hewlett-Packard that it is touting for its simplified features this year.
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LG 77EC9800

LG's 77EC9800 is a 77-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) with a resolution of 3840x2160, which has four times as many pixels as High Definition.
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LG LB7100 and LB7200 series

LG's top 1080p LCD televisions for the coming year are the LB7100 and LB7200 series, which feature all of the company's best LCD technologies. These include local dimming, private listening via your phone, and an upgraded Magic Remote.
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Panasonic AX800U

The AX800U series, Panasonic's only 4K introduction at CES, doesn't do much to distinguish itself on paper.
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Sharp Aquos televisions

Sharp unveiled its new line of Aquos TVs on Monday, once again showing the consumer-electronics world that it knows how to think big.
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Toshiba L5400U

The L5400U is Toshiba's mainstream series and comes in two screen sizes: 58 inches and 65 inches.
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Toshiba L8400U

The L8400 is Toshiba's "entry-level" 4K series and comes in two screen sizes: 50 inches and 58 inches.
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Samsung's bendable 85-inch TV

Samsung is whole-hog into curved TVs at CES 2014, introducing two series of concave TVs you'll be able to buy this year.

But its new concept "bendable" TV takes it a step further. Press a button on the remote control and small servos behind the screen spring into action, bending the edges out into that soon-to-be-familiar curved shape. A second button-press and the process reverses, flattening the screen into the same shape as your current HDTV.

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Curve is the word for Samsung

Though not bendable, the UN75HU9000 features a curved screen that Samsung says not only benefits the straight-on viewer, but makes it better for people from less optimal viewing angles.
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Samsung's UNHU8500

Among the two 4K/UHD resolution LED LCD TVs we reviewed in 2013, the Samsung UNF9000 series was our favorite. The UNHU8500 is its closest match in the company's 2014 lineup.

It's available in a massive range of five sizes: 75, 65, 60, 55 and 50 inches. It arrives this this April, and pricing has not been announced.

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Vizio RS120

TV makers routinely boast about picture quality, but when a claim like "Best TV in the World" comes from a company like Vizio -- best known for its bargain boob tubes -- it seems especially far-fetched.

The television in question is the Vizio Reference Series 120, all-new for 2014. The company is announcing 65- and 120-inch versions at CES 2014. The latter is the largest shipping TV announced this year, beating out Samsung's 110-inch S9.

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XBR-X950B is Sony's best 4K offering

Sony's 4K resolution XBR-X950B series, available only in 65- and 85-inch varieties, packs the company's premiere LCD picture quality enhancements.

We're fans of the effect of local dimming, an LED LCD backlight technology that dims particular parts of the screen to improve contrast, the single most important picture quality factor. The X950B series promises some of the best dimming technology around.

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LG PN6900 - Plasma

It’s a lonely year for plasma in 2014 with only Samsung and LG producing models after Panasonic announced it was withdrawing to concentrate on LCD.

The PN6900 may be LG’s best plasma but is far from top of the range. For example, the PN6900 is one of only three models which will feature the company’s older Netcast smart technology now that LG has now moved on to webOS . The other two are the PB6600 plasma and the LB5800 LCD. It also appears the television misses out on a magic motion remote which would also limit its flexibility.

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