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After the smash hits "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" (pictured), Netflix is financing and streaming more and more new and exclusive shows you can only watch on the popular streaming service. Here's the lineup of original shows available now or coming soon.

On board are stars like Amy Poehler, Ricky Gervais, Bill Murray, Paul Rudd, Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Chloe Sevigny, David Tennant, Will Arnett, Chelsea Handler, Ms Frizzle and King Kong. Creators include Tina Fey, Baz Luhrman, the Wachowskis, Judd Apatow, Eli Roth, David Fincher and Lemony Snicket.

The streaming service is also branching out to its first Spanish, Italian and French language shows, its first British show, and much more.

So warm up your slanket, stick some popcorn in the microwave and click through the pictures to see how'll you be bingeing in 2015 and beyond.

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The first Italian original from Netflix will be "Suburra", directed by Stefano Sollima who also helmed Italian crime dramas "Romanzo Criminale" and "Gomorra". Like "Gomorra", "Suburra" will begins life with a movie before the series follows. After the movie has appeared in Italian theatres, film and TV show will debut on Netflix.

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'The Crown'

Inspired by the West End and Broadway hit "The Audience" starring Helen Mirren (pictured) and written by Peter Morgan, this 2016 show explores the relationship between Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. It's the first UK production from Netflix, because of course there's nothing happening in Britain except the royal family.

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The first French-language original show from Netflix is a sprawling crime drama focusing on the mayor of the city of Marseille, played by Gerard Depardieu. Created and written by Dan Franck, writer of political potboiler "Les Hommes de l’'ombre" and co-writer of "Carlos", it's shaping up to be like "Boardwalk Empire" or "House of Cards" told "from a uniquely French viewpoint".

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'Club de Cuervos'

Netflix en Español! The first Spanish-Language original show stars Luis Gerardo Mendez (pictured) in the comic tale of the squabbling heirs to a Mexican soccer club.

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'A Very Murray Christmas'

Sophia Coppola directs deadpan former "Saturday Night Live" icon Bill Murray and an all-star cast in "A Very Murray Christmas", guests including George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and Miley Cyrus.

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'Special Correspondents'

Ricky Gervais creates and stars in "Special Correspondents", also starring Eric Bana.

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'Stranger Things'

Winona Ryder appears in "Stranger Things", a supernatural drama formerly known as "Montauk".

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Christopher Guest, the comic genius behind "Spinal Tap" and "Best in Show", explores the world of "Mascots" in a Netflix show.

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'Master of None'

Stand-up comic and "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari is a jack of all trades in sitcom "Master of None", streamed from November 2015.

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'With Bob and David'

After appearing in "Breaking Bad" and "Arrested Development" respectively, "Attack of the Show" comics Bob Odenkirk and David Cross return to sketch comedy on Netflix show "With Bob and David".

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'The Ranch'

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, the loveable scamps from "That '70s Show", play brothers in comedy "The Ranch", also starring Sam Elliot.

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'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

"30 Rock" creator Tina Fey recruits her former co-star Jane Krakowski and Ellie Kemper (pictured) from "The Office" for "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", a sitcom about a naive survivor of a doomsday cult bringing her sunny disposition to the Big Apple.

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Drama from the creators of "Damages", the 13-episode series "Bloodline" sees the black sheep of a close-knit clan expose the family's secrets and lies. The heavyweight cast includes Kyle Chandler (pictured), Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Chloe Sevigny, Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek.

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Chelsea Handler

US comedian Chelsea Handler is presenting four new documentary films on Netflix, and starts a new chat show on the streaming service in 2016.

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In its quest to take over the world, Marvel is bringing not one, not two, but five original shows to Netflix. The interlinked series involve superheroes fighting crime in Hell's Kitchen, New York. The first to arrive in April 2015 was "Daredevil", starring Charlie Cox (pictured) as the blind lawyer and vigilante. A second series has already been confirmed.

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'AKA Jessica Jones'

Jessica Jones is a former superhero who is now a private eye in the world of Marvel superheroics. She's played by "Breaking Bad" guest star Krysten Ritter (pictured), appearing alongside Carrie-Anne Moss and David Tennant in 13 episodes late in 2015.

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'Luke Cage'

Luke Cage, one of Marvel's first black superheroes back in 1972, is played by Mike Colter, pictured above in Xbox spin-off "Halo: Nightfall". He'll have his own series after debuting in "Jessica Jones".

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'Iron Fist'

Rounding out the Marvel quartet is martial arts expert Iron Fist (pictured right), who first appeared in comic form in 1974.

After the separate Marvel shows are finished, the four heroes will unite in a miniseries called "The Defenders". Excelsior!

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"Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski joins forces with "The Matrix" creators Lana and Andy Wachowski (pictured) for mind-bending sci-fi series "Sense8", which premiered on 5 June 2015.

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'Grace and Frankie'

Showbiz legends Jane Fonda (centre) and Lily Tomlin (pictured right with their "9 to 5" co-star Dolly Parton, left) play Grace and Frankie, long-time rivals united when their husbands -- played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston -- run off together. The 13 episodes are makin' a livin' from 8 May.

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'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp'

The cast of the much-loved 2001 teen comedy reunites for eight episodes of 1980s fun at summer camp Camp Firewood. Who's in it? Deep breath: Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Jason Schwartzman and Kristen Wiig. Get wet, get hot, get American this summer.
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'Kong: King of the Apes'

King Kong escapes from Alcatraz to take on robot dinosaurs -- sold! -- in this CGI animated movie and 12-part TV series, coming in 2016.

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Jose Padilha directs this 10-episode true-life drama starring Brazil's "Elite Squad" star Wagner Moura as notorious Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. "Game of Thrones" star Pedro Pascal (pictured) is the cop sent to catch him.

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'The Adventures of Puss in Boots'

Puss in Boots -- the "Shrek" version -- swashes buckles in 26 animated episodes, released five at a time throughout 2015. "Shrek" star Antonio Banderas hasn't signed on to voice Puss, but Danny Trejo lends his gravel-like tones to the bad guy.

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Part trucks. Part dinosaurs. All fun! Based on a book by Chris Gall, animated series "Dinotrux" is expected to roar onto Netflix in 2015.

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'Chef's Table'

The first original documentary series from Netflix dispatches "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" director David Gelb to profile six of the world's top chefs. Pictured above is a dish from chef Niki Nakayama. Tasty.

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'House of Cards'

Where it all started: the first new show to be created by Netflix was "House of Cards" in 2013. Directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, the award-winning political scheme-'em-up has now completed its third season.

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'Orange Is the New Black'

The second original show from Netflix, the women's prison-set "Orange is the New Black", created by Jenji Kohan, also returned for a third season in 2015. Mary Steenburgen and comedian Mike Birbiglia joined star Taylor Schilling (pictured) for season 3.

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'Hemlock Grove'

The first phase of Netflix originals was rounded out by Eli Roth-produced gothic horror "Hemlock Grove". Starring Bill Skarsgard (pictured), it's also been renewed for a third season.

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First shown on Norwegian TV, this comedy-drama was billed as Netflix's first foray into original programming. A sort of spiritual successor to "The Sopranos", it features the classic crime drama's Steven Van Zandt as a mafiosi heading into witness protection. Series three was shown in 2014, with a fourth a possibility.

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'BoJack Horseman'

"Arrested Development" star and voice of Lego Batman Will Arnett is joined by "Breaking Bad" alum Aaron Paul and Alison Brie of "Mad Men" and "Community" for "BoJack Horseman", a surprisingly character-rich animated series involving an alcoholic sitcom has-been... who happens to be a horse. 

Will Arnett will also appear in "Flaked", which he has developed with "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz.

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'Trailer Park Boys'

As well as originating new shows, Netflix has rescued fan favourites from cancellation by other networks. Following on from other rescued shows like "Arrested Development", season 9 of Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys" streamed in March 2015.

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'The Killing'

Joel Kinnaman (pictured left) and Mireille Enos (right) starred in the Emmy-nominated US version of the Scandi-noir crime drama, which was was killed off by TV network AMC not once but twice. It was rescued both times by Netflix, with the fourth and final season now streaming.

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Shown on A&E in the US but cancelled in 2014, this tale of a Wyoming county sheriff was picked up by Netflix for a fourth season.

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'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

A seriously major scalp for Netflix, the sixth season of the animated series set during the "Star Wars" prequels was streamed in 2014.

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'Marco Polo'

Despite featuring nary a swimming pool, historical epic "Marco Polo" has been renewed for more exploration in a second 10-episode season.

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'The Legend of Zelda'

Link quests for his princess once again as the classic Nintendo game appears in cartoon form in 2016.

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'Ever After High'

Based on a toy line, "Ever After High" is set in a boarding school in the world of fairytales. And speaking of Mattel toys, cuddly 1980s bears Popples will be revived in a cartoon later this year.

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'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Previously adapted into a movie starring Jim Carrey (pictured), Lemony Snicket's novels will become a 13-part Netflix series.

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'Turbo FAST'

Skidmark, Turbo, Whiplash and Chet star in "Turbo FAST", another DreamWorks spin-off, which will be followed by a series based on forthcoming film "BOO (Bureau of Otherworldly Operations)".

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'Justin Time'

Another kid's concept being revived in 2016 is this Canadian Disney show about a time-travelling toddler.

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Comedy specials

One of Netflix's moves to take on traditional networks is to follow HBO's method of producing stand-up comedy specials from big names comics. Netflix has previously produced specials from Nick Offerman (pictured about to be steaked by his wife Megan Mullally), Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti and many more.

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'F is for Family'

Boston comic Bill Burr (pictured) -- also seen in "Breaking Bad" -- is the head of a 1970s family in this animated sitcom he's developed with "Simpsons" writer Michael Price. Laura Dern and Justin Long will each lend their most wicked awesome accents.

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Gillian Jacobs (pictured), star of "Community" -- itself rescued from network cancellation by Yahoo's online streaming service -- will fall in "Love" in 2016, the show created by Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin.

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This Canadian sci-fi drama will appear on TV on City, then stream around the world on Shomi and Netflix in May. It stars "iCarly" alum Jennette McCurdy as a pregnant teen in a town where everyone over the age of 21 has died.

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'The OA'

Coming in 2016, this eight-part drama will be co-written by Brit Marling, who will also star, and Zal Batmanglij, who will also direct. The pair have previously collaborated on movies "Sound of My Voice" and "The East".

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'Richie Rich'

Famous 1950s rich kid Richie Rich is now a self-made billionaire in 21 episodes, produced by DreamWorks.

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'The Magic School Bus 360'

Ms. Frizzle's much-beloved magic yellow bus hits the road again in CGI form in 2016.

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'The Get Down'

"Moulin Rouge" and "Great Gatsby" director Baz Luhrmann duets with "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan on this 13-part musical drama exploring how New York in the late '70s gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco. It's tuning up in 2016.

Pictured are the Ramones playing at the legendary CBGB club, because what could be more New-York-in-the-70s than that?

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