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Astro A40 + Mixamp for complete audio control

Kelly Kelley, aka Mrs. Violence, swears by her gaming gadgets. As a professional gamer and winner of The Controller (which aired on CNET sister site GameSpot), she's donning the best equipment her $25,000 prize money could buy.

When it comes to playing Battlefield 3 on the Xbox, she immediately turns to her Astro A40 headphones and Mixamp. With the Mixamp in place, the master volume, game volume, and chat volume can be adjusted independently.

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Gunnars help Mrs. Violence avoid eye fatigue

Kelley explains that these have a yellow crystalline lens, and they take away the glare and reduce eye strain, because what you're squinting at is blue."

So to battle migraines, fatigue and other screen-related ailments, Kelley turns to her Gunnars, which you can see her wearing throughout the competition.

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Her top 3 favorite games

Even after the 7-week competition, Mrs. Violence is still all about Battlefield 3, which she's now playing in preparation for a $1.6 million dollar tournament. After that, she most looks forward to Assassins Creed: Revelations, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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SteelSeries 7H as a secondary headset

Besides her A40s, Mrs. Violence uses this ultra-comfy, high-powered SteelSeries 7H headphones. Like any good gaming headset, it's got a mic, braided cord, interchangeable cushions, and 50mm drivers for accurate sound.

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TV of choice: Sharp Quattron LED LCD

One of her biggest prize money splurges was a 60-inch Sharp Quattron LED LCD, which she loves for its "smart TV" features like movie streaming and Internet radio.

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What's in your purse?

Kelly Kelley always carries around a few essentials including MAC makeup, a tripod, her Canon S1400 IS, a 16GB SD card, and her brand new iPad 2.

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