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Firefox OS continues to develop

LAS VEGAS--Mozilla continues to update its in-progress Firefox OS for smartphones, including refinements to the main screen that make it visually similar to Android.

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Web site become apps in Firefox OS

One thing that will set Firefox OS apart from its competition is that its app-searching abilities can turn nearly any Web site into an app using manifest files.

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Firefox OS apps on Android

Another neat innovation brought on by the Firefox OS support for HTML5 is that any Firefox OS app will also be able to run in Firefox for Android. Here, a weather app is open in Firefox for Android (left) and in Firefox OS.

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3D on a low-power smartphone

While Mozilla didn't have any hardware to show off, the OS continues to be developed for lower-powered hardware. Here's the demo model, which had only a 850mHz processor and 256MB of RAM, running Mozilla's WebGL 3D-rendering app.

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