We're usually behind the Koreans with technology, but in Android's case we're ahead of the curve for once: the Motorola Motoroi is Korea's first Android phone. It's a feature-packed smart phone and it makes us wish we were Korean. If you are Korean -- or a fan of Arrested Development -- we welcome you: an nyoung!

The Motoroi boasts an HDMI port, so you'll be able to zap video to your high-definition TV. The phone shoots 720p video, as well as 8-megapixel stills. It also has a digital tuner to watch broadcast TV on the go, but we definitelty won't have that over here.

There are no plans to bring the Motoroi to the UK. That makes us sad pandas, as it does offer an intriguing list of functions. Take out the cool features, slap on a physical keyboard, and you'd have something resembling the Motorola Milestone, which is still an excellent all-rounder.

Without the keyboard, you rely on the 94mm (3.7-inch) touchscreen. The touchscreen is snappy, although we found the icons rather small. With that much screen real estate, the icons could afford to sprawl out a little.

It's definitely a slab of a thing, although it's plenty slim. There's an odd little sticky-out bit at the bottom right, which is actually quite comfy to hold. The unusual shape kind of puts us in mind of props from sci-fi films. Click 'Continue' to see more of this Android behemoth.

The Motoroi offers optical character recognition, with the option to scan business cards or images. It even offers Korean to English translation, although we couldn't get this to work as we'd left our Korean business card at home.
The Motoroi lacks the Milestone's physical Qwerty keyboard, but does boast the giant Android onscreen keyboard. There's plenty of room to read what you've written, too.
There's the 3.5mm headphone jack, and unlock button. Press it and swipe across the screen to unlock.
Ignore the whacking great security device on the back, and just enjoy the Motoroi's 8-megapixel camera.
Here we see a list of features, including TV out and HDMI.


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