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Motorola Droid Pro

Droid Pro: Display and keyboard

Droid Pro: Camera and other features

Motorola Citrus

Citrus: Specs

Citrus: Back and more features

The Motorola Droid Pro is Motorola's attempt at a business-centric smartphone. It ships with Android 2.2 and it boasts Exchange security features as well as complex password support and device management, like the ability to remotely wipe the phone. It measures 4.68 inches long by 2.36 inches wide by 0.46 inch thick and weighs 4.73 ounces.
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The Motorola Droid Pro has a 3.1-inch HVGA display, plus a full QWERTY keyboard that is not unlike the BlackBerry's. It has a 1Ghz processor, and it is the first global Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless, meaning it supports both a CDMA and GSM chipset (quad-band GSM at that). It has both Verizon's EV-DO Rev. A and tri-band UMTS, so you can access 3G from most countries as well.
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The Droid Pro has a 5-megapixel camera lens plus a dual-LED flash. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, Adobe Flash Player Mobile 10.1, 8GB of internal memory, plus a microSD card slot that can take up to 32GB cards.
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The Motorola Citrus is billed as an entry-level smartphone. It only has Android 2.1, and it doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard, just the 3-inch QVGA touch screen. The Citrus is also made out of recycled materials--25 percent post consumer recycled plastic, in fact. It is also PVC and BFR free. It's certified "CarbonFree" because Motorola invests in renewable energy sources during the product's lifetime (also known as purchasing carbon offsets).
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The Motorola Citrus has EV-DO Rev. 0, GPS, Wi-Fi, and 100MB of user space. As you can see in the picture, it also has a virtual QWERTY keyboard. It measures 4.09 inches long by 2.32 inches wide by 0.59 inch thick and weighs 3.11 ounces.
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On the back of the Citrus is the 3-megapixel camera lens, plus a BackTrack trackpad that provides an alternative to the touch screen for navigating the phone. Other features include stereo Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headset jack.
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